MIDRO IT and Telecommunication Industrial Advancement

Country's Soft Infrastructure:

MIDRO is the leading name in IT Sector of Bangladesh as a Development Organization of Soft Infrastructure for the country. The Group is unique of a kind that is the Development Partner of the "Bangladesh Software Market" (bdsoftmarket.com) the 1st  soft infrastructure of Bangladesh software marketplace. The Software Market is focused to bring "Long Term" benefit to the Bangladesh IT Sector. Eventually It will bring all the IT Companies of Bangladesh in one platform so that all the buyers can get them at single click.

MIDRO Group is the Development and Technology Partner of 12shareef.com the ever  largest Auto URL generating and high tech hosting  services in the globe. They can create thousands of Auto URL for their clients in a minute.  bdsoftmarket.com is the proud client that receiving the services of high tech Auto URL generation for their listed companies and mega hosting services from 12shareef.com .

Telecommunication Soft Solutions:

All most every leading cellphone operators of the country are served by MIDRO in RF (Radio Frequency) Planning Tools and TX (Transmission) Planning tools. IBS (In-building Solutions) are another tools that MIDRO Provides to the Cellphone Operators.

High Tech GIS soft solutions for Telecommunication:

MIDRO unique 18 class clutter map for the leading cellphone operators of the country are developed for RF and TX planners.  This GIS solutions have wide range of uses in the telecommunication and MIDRO GIS solutions are import substitute for the cellphone operators.